Virus Removal

Viruses are all over the internet these days. The intent of the viruses are often extremely malicious and intended to steal your personal information and cause damage to the infected computer. Your financial information, online bank account user names and passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data are at risk at all times.


Symptoms of a virus infection

  •  Very sluggish computer performance
  •  System crashes, lockups, shutting down
  •  Unresponsive programs that fail to open
  •  Browser redirection-taken to unwanted websites


Computer infections show up in three basic categories…..

  •  VIRUSES:  Removing a virus quickly is essential as the longer the virus remains installed,  the greater the damage it can cause.  Effects of viruses include slowing of your computer, affecting your internet connectivity and even losing data. 
  •  SPYWARE:  Spyware is exactly that – programs designed to ‘spy’ on our personal information. They are less malicious than viruses but do still cause many of the same symptoms and can compromise your privacy by releasing this personal information to interested parties.
  •  ADWARE:  Is most commonly found in free software or programs, as the built-in advertising within the software generate money, and thus why the programs are free. Adware can also slow your computer, not to mention irritate you with seemingly random adverts and pop up windows.


Virus removal functions should be carried out with extreme caution and care. Improper virus removal steps can actually prevent a system from booting up permanently. Many virus removal tools remove registry entries without alerting the users, and at times figuring out the registry entry is impossible for a layman. We specialize in Virus, Spyware and Adware removal and we guarantee a 100% satisfaction result.