Remote Services

Remote Support Services

Advanced computer solutions can access any computer anywhere in the United States to provide help and support to our customers. By using this technology, you no longer have to disconnect your computer and bring it to us. This also can save you a trip charge and still enable us to be with you virtually face to face with you and your computer. Many of our issues we deal with today can be resolved over the phone and through the internet. Here are just a few examples of services that can be performed.

• Remove Malware & Viruses
• Clean and enhance computer performance
• Install and support Software
• Assist in the installation of Hardware
• Test and analyze
• Remove unwanted programs

Setting up is quick and easy. Just choose the QUICK SUPPORT OPTION and install our software. We can only access your computer if you have provided us with secure permission at each session with this software. Your computer stays private and secure after we are finished working on it.

If you would like to have the full version of our software installed on your computer. Click the button below and install Splashtop SOS.

Call us if you have questions. 612-408-5000