Continuity & Backup

Protecting from disaster

Business Continuity Solutions are a must-have for any business. Natural disasters, fires, theft or equipment failure can cause a severe disruption in your business. Storing critical company data offsite reduces those disruptions so you can quickly recover your key data and get back to business.

70% of small firms that experience a major data loss file for bankruptcy or are out of business within 12 months. –DataTrend


Real business continuity solutionscontinuity_backup

  • Offsite Secure Backups
  • Backups run in real time as you make changes
  • Data is stored locally in a secure data center in Downtown Minneapolis
  • HIPPA Compliant solutions, Military Encryption, SAS70 and ISO certified


Restores made easy 

  • Restores in as little as 15 minutes
  • Local technicians to walk you through the restore process or handle it for you
  • Data is stored locally in Minneapolis to ensure quick, reliable recovery