Cloud Servers

Put an end to hardware refresh forever. 

cloud server

  • Reduce Cost 

    No more spending on new hardware every 3-5 years to run your new applications. Cloud Server’s eliminate the need for hardware refresh and dedicated IT resources to maintain your infrastructure. 

  • Increase Reliability 

    Monitoring your Cloud servers 24x7x365 for uptime, provides dedicated server backup, and because there is no physical hardware at your site, you never have to worry about waiting for parts or downtime relating to replacing a bad server.

  • Add Scalability Servers in the Cloud are instantly scalable, adapting to your needs when you need them to.  Don’t be limited by what your physical server can do; let the Cloud work for you. Need more computer resources, add them in minutes with just a phone call.
  • Built In Support Cloud Servers are supported by our local St. Paul team by phone, email, and online ticketing. Need help with an application? Need a fully managed solution with support at the ready? Issue got you stumped? We have answers.

Cloud computing is the future.  Are you ready?